2020-08-01 E-Edition

Biden-Harris Ticket Marks Historic Team

Kamala Harris Selection Creates a Number of Firsts

Editor’s Note: R.H. Boyd does not endorse political parties or candidates. Please exercise your right to vote. During a CNN Democratic debate in March, candidate Joe Biden pledged to name a woman as his running mate. Then, following nationwide pro­tests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd, he came under immense pressure to make his pick a Black woman. […]

Corporate-to-Community Support During Challenging Times

The uncharted territory that defines the current status of our nation and the world often feels frightening and overwhelming. It generates anxiety in even the most calm and level-headed souls. But even in this current state of mandated face coverings, social distancing and constant sanitizing, we have to remember that we still are part of a larger community and that […]

Pilot, Explorer Kellee Edwards on Solo Travel

“I refuse to let anyone stop me from experiencing what is also mine.”

I first met Kellee Edwards three years ago at an event in New York City, where we were able to have frank conversations about gender, race, and navi­gating our planet. I listened to her, learned from her, and we stayed in touch, as both our careers took us to new and exciting places. Kellee is a licensed pilot, an adventurer […]

Words from the Publisher LaDonna Boyd

To our loyal readers, Every month, it seems we are ad­justing to a new normal in some area of life. The August chapter of our 2020 version of normal includes a different way to welcome our children and young people back to school. In previ­ous years, RHB has partnered with community organizations to sponsor back-to-school bookbag giveaways. This year we […]

Kamala’s Army of Nine

Sen. Harris has the support nine critically important Black organizations.

Washington Post reporter Chelsea Janes drew the ire of pink and green Twitter in 2019 as she cov­ered an event for Sen. Kamala Harris at Howard University. When Sen. Harris mentioned her time as a student at the prestigious HBCU, the room filled with a sound familiar to the Black commu­nity, but not to Ms. Janes. In a tweet posted […]

Enough is enough!

The Rise of “Take your knee off my neck!” Awareness

When is enough ever going to be truly enough? When are Black Americans going to feel safe in their own country rather than living with an un­dercurrent of fear? How much longer must this continue? We have seen it all—from the Central Park Five to Central Park Karen to Treyvon Mar­tin to Sandra Bland to George Floyd. After years of […]

Are Black lynchings on the increase?

Reports from Investigations into Five African Americans Found Hanging from Trees

Within the last 18 months, Black people have been found hanging from trees across several parts of the United States. Most of the cases have been ruled as suicides, however, the victims’ loved ones believe there’s more to their deaths. Here’s what people should know about their cases and the status of their investigations. TeTe Gulley TeTe Gulley, a 31-year-old […]

Eternal Flames of Passion

The Lasting Legacies of Rep. John Lewis and Rev. C. T. Vivian

On July 17, the American people—most notably the Black community—lost two of its greatest advocates and champions, Representative John R. Lewis and Rev. C. T. Vivian. Though from disparate backgrounds, both men met at their alma mater, American Baptist College in Nashville. While matriculating, they discovered more people in the world who were interested in joining a movement for change […]

Ministry Opportunities

Please visit www.nationalbaptist.com/resources/ministry-opportunities for details.

Nashville, Tenn. Harvest Bible Chapel—Pastor Harvest Bible Chapel is a non-denominational, multi-ethnic, Bible-believing family located in the Antioch district of Nashville. Our mission is to worship Christ through impactful church services, walk with Christ through dynamic small group studies and fellowship, and work for Christ through active evangelism and tangible service to our local membership and the surrounding community. Ap­plications […]